Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Term 2 Learning in Room 6

Learning in Room 6
As part of our inquiry on simple machines we designed pinball machines. We had to think about the path
that we wanted the marble to travel.
We used levers and incline planes to create our machines. Some of us had a points system
where players were able to win prizes.
We shared our machines with Room 8 students and our buddy class Room 16.
It was a lot of fun – designing, making, testing and
redesigning to insure we were successful.

We also designed and made catapults. These were also lots of fun to design and make.
It was a class challenge to see who could fire their block the furthest.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Pretty in pink

Pretty In Pink

Room 6 is dressed in pink to show their support for no bullying at Target Road School.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Summer is laughter and scraped knees.
Summer is kicking balls into goals.
Summer is turning on the nice, cool ventilation.

Summer looks like yellow and red flags flailing on the beach.
Summer looks like people cramming items into their car.

Summer feels like sunscreen sloshing around on your skin.
Summer feels like cold, refreshing water splashing over your face.

Summer sounds like seagulls squawking from up above.
Summer sounds like joyful laughter oscillating from everyone.

Summer tastes like huge, juicy strawberries.
Summer tastes like cold ice-cream freezing my brain.

Summer smells like stifling air surrounding every tree and living thing.
Summer smells like flowers blooming in the sunlight.

Summer is the sun frying your brain.
Summer is happiness.

By Tymon

Summer is a tasty BBQ with my family.
Summer  is the best season to go camping.
Summer is eating red juicy strawberries.

Summer looks like red pohutukawa trees blooming.
Summer looks like waves crashing past the sand.
Summer feels like burning sand warming up my cold feet.
Summer feels like sweat dripping down my neck.

Summer smells like roasting hot steak cooking on the BBQ.
Summer smells like salty sea air in a summer.

Summer tastes like sweet cold smoothies.
Summer tastes like freezing ice cream dripping down my shirt.

Summer sounds like birds birds chirping in the trees.
Summer sounds like seagulls squawking at the beach.

Summer is the time to have fun with families and friends.
Summer is the sun shining on my face.    

By Ezekiel

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Room 6

The whole of room 6
Standing : Minji , Elif , Benson , Neha ,  Aeva , Polly , Jameer , Ezekiel , Devante (me) , Pippa , Samson , Luke , Mike.
Bobbing down: Tymon , Joel , Layla , Georgia , Hunter , Connor , Tomas , Joel.  

Monday, 9 April 2018

Maths In Action

Maths In Action

The students are learning statistics. 

The Year fives have been learning to create bar graphs for our statistics learning. 

The Year sixes have been learning to create  pie graphs.

Room 6 Swimming

 Having Swimming Instructions In The School Pool...

The A group.

Ezekiel does the life jacket drill in the pool while Luke swims by.

Anika teaching swimmers while Ezekiel struggles with the life jacket.

Pay attention Pippa!